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The Best Way To Prevent Burnout

Sis, let me just say this first and foremost. If you are a business owner or career-driven in any way then know that you are really good at going after what you want so the biggest thing when learning to prevent burnout is recognizing the value of emotional wellness as burnout prevention and desiring that* more than getting things done at work.

A mindset shift has to take place and the information that I share in this post will not only help you prevent burnout but shift your mindset so that burnout becomes a thing of the past.

So what is burnout? I've been there and the best way I can describe it is, I was DONE DONE. I had nothing left to give, I had completely depleted my energy and had not replenished in too long. Burnout is the overexertion of your energy in addition to little to no replenishment. Burnout is a birthplace for mental and physical health issues to arise and this is why emotional wellness is key.

The best way to prevent burnout is to get familiar with your symptoms of unmet needs. At SenterME, we categorize needs into five different categories:

  • Environmental

  • Physical

  • Mental

  • Emotional

  • Spiritual

An environmental need is presented most commonly in our living space and we must remain aware of the fact that our external environment is a reflection of our internal environment. Symptoms of an unmet environmental need can look like:

  • unorganized/messy living space

  • doors and windows that have been closed for days

  • no sense of security in the space (at work, in relationships, at home)

Physical needs can vary in degree and staying ahead of them is best because, by the time we experience the need physically, the body is already experiencing deprivation. This means that we are creeping into survival mode and there we are more likely to compromise how we satisfy the need. Symptoms of an unmet physical need can look like:

  • tension in the body specifically the neck, and shoulders, and the presence of headaches

  • increased/decreased appetite

  • fatigue/insomnia

  • inability to focus (brain fog) or confusion

The way we meet our environmental and physical needs can support our mental needs in a significant way. As humans, we're social creatures, and we are creatures of habit. We can use this insight to help our mind serve the rest of the body just as our heart, our lungs, our gut, etc. Symptoms of an unmet mental need can look like:

  • prolonged isolation

  • irrational and intrusive thoughts

  • feeling disconnected (emotions, people, spaces)

  • constantly in the past or future (mistakes, To-Do list, deadlines)

Meeting your emotional needs supports your mental and physical health in a truly unmatched way. Our emotional needs remind us that we are feeling creatures who think and not the other way around. Symptoms of an unmet emotional need can look like:

  • absence of boundaries

  • mood swings

  • unhealthy expression (arguing, drug/alcohol abuse, violence)

  • imbalance in routine (little to no release & replenishment)

  • elevated levels of stress

This last category of needs, our spiritual needs comes from a deep connection with self. It is the source of the knowing of self, belief in self, and commitment to the loving and nurturing of self. Meeting our spiritual needs keeps us grounded in gratitude and alignment with our highest good. Symptoms of an unmet spiritual need can look like:

  • scarcity alignment

  • lack of trust in self

  • lack of inner & outer purpose alignment

  • forgotten the knowing of self

Getting familiar with these symptoms empowers you to improve your awareness and ability to prevent burnout. Have you experienced or do you currently experience any of these symptoms? As a member of SenterME, we help you learn best practices to meet these needs by cultivating authenticity, self-compassion, and transformative growth. You learn to create balance with stillness and with movement. You learn to keep it R.E.A..L., ground yourself and align yourself with abundance, success, and your highest good.

Learn more about becoming a member of SenterME today.


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