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Exclusive Member Benefits

Reduce Stress

Weekly check-ins include journaling, affirmations and group coaching on the Keep It R.E.A.L. method to encourage presence, regular release, and stress management

Emotional Wellness

Our curricula are designed to help promote a healthy mind & heart lifestyle, improve emotional intelligence, and expand self-awareness


Practicing systems and tools that help you prioritize your needs on a daily basis results in the preservation of self. You will reduce stress and increase your energy

Mind+Body+Spirit Alignment

A strong sense of self, wellness, and community goes a long way. You will access the true freedom that comes with wholeness, balance, and unconditional self-love

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Position Yourself For Success By Choosing Emotional Wellness & Freedom!

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Do you struggle with making time for yourself? As a member, you have several options to engage with the SenterME community weekly, monthly, and/or quarterly. We make it easy and convenient for you to put yourself first!

Do you experience stress daily? Stress causes us to lose ourselves, burnout, and negatively impacts our mental & physical health. Members learn how to maintain balance, align with self-preservation, and lead a healthy mind & heart lifestyle!

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Is the SenterME Membership affordable? We are committed to creating a clear and easily accessible path to emotional wellness and stress relief for you. Starting at $19.99/mo our memberships are affordable and give you exclusive access to SenterME House events, coaching, retreats, and more! 

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