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A Daily Self-Love Routine To Transform Your Life

Last week during our SenterME Daily Lives on Facebook and Instagram at 7a et M-F we covered a lot about the power of a daily self-love routine. At SenterME, it is our mission to create a clear and easily accessible path to emotional wellness and stress relief for women professionals and entrepreneurs by providing immersive self-love support. I can assure you that this post is doing just that. When you are studying, researching, practicing, or investing in your craft or profession in any way, it is because you want to improve and mature your skill set. This also increases your earning potential, credibility, and influence. So it is a no-brainer to take the necessary steps to expand in your career/business. This is also how self-love works. When we invest in our self-love practice we become more:

  • resilient

  • strategic

  • skilled in navigating stress

  • emotionally well

  • creative

  • confident

  • FREE

Emphasis on that last benefit. But the list goes on. It is safe to say that when we don't invest in our self-love practice we undermine the efforts to expand in other areas of our lives such as healthy relationships, personal and professional development, preventive and rehabilitative mental and physical health, professional advancement, entrepreneurial success, and play (interests & hobbies). We can't have that, can we? So let's outline a daily self-love routine that aligns you with quality expression, constant expansion, and inevitable evolution. With this daily self-love routine, you also become more strategic with your energy output and intentional with replenishment. In other words, you release what does not serve you, and prioritize balance.

meditating promotes self-awareness

The first item in our transformative daily self-love routine is meditation. Meditating daily is not only going to promote clarity, self-awareness, and security, but is an incredible practice to reduce stress and rebalance the body. My journey of meditation started 2.5-3 years ago and I have grown so patient with myself and in tune with my design because of it. It is my absolute favorite of all the items we will cover. Whether for 1 minute or 60 minutes, it really doesn't matter as long as you begin. Anyone can sit and think to themselves for an hour but taking time to just notice yourself and tap into the greater awareness that you are even if just for a minute is far more valuable. Stress deteriorates the body in part by throwing off your body's natural alarm & communications system. By meditating, you learn to connect with how your body communicates, the signals, the emotions, and intuition become more clearly defined in their message which empowers you as the master of self.

affirming yourself daily promotes self-acceptance

The second item in our transformative daily self-love routine is to affirm yourself. It is one thing to think you know who you are but a completely different state of being entirely to be grounded in knowing who you are. Taking time to affirm yourself aloud in front of the mirror daily is one of the most powerful ways to transform your mindset and anchor you in self-acceptance. You become more secure, self-aware, and grounded when you affirm yourself daily and align your behaviors with these affirmations. When we face difficult, uncomfortable, and heavy emotions and situations the level of security affirming yourself daily provides is required. The beautiful part about affirming yourself daily is that you create a language that is you. This increases your sensitivity to language that is not of you.

When people attempt to project their fears and insecurities onto you the language they use can be accepted as your own or rejected because it is not in alignment with the language you use daily.

And as you heal, expand, and evolve, the expression of your affirmations will as well.

affirmations on your bathroom mirror is a great location
My current set of affirmations for the season I am in. Remember, your affirmations will evolve with you.

breathe deeply when you check-in with yourself to reveal your needs in real time

The last item in our transformative daily self-love routine is check-ins. These are periods throughout the day that you retreat to a safe space and ask yourself the Golden Question, 'What do I need right now?' Check-ins promote balance, security, self-awareness, and high-level self-regulation. When we prioritize ourselves in this way, we ensure quality expression at home, at work, and in our communities. Carrying pivotal roles almost always means wearing multiple hats and it can be easy to focus on the To-Do List vs. our own needs. But when we create space and time for ourselves to notice ourselves and assess our needs in real-time, we navigate stress with ease, our decision-making is strategic and comes from a space of abundance, we prevent burnout, and we remain connected to the present moment. SenterME recommends 1-3 check-ins per day.

A daily self-love routine is essential to accessing optimal emotional wellness and stress relief. Our Self-Preservation curriculum at SenterME covers a wealth of self-love routine items from daily, weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, to quarterly and annual self-love best practices. When you accept responsibility for yourself and prioritize your alignment with self-preservation, life becomes richer by the moment. I invite you to join our tribe at SenterME and become a member so that you enhance the quality of your life with greater daily fulfillment and a community of women who are saving some of themselves for them.

Remember, wellness is your birthright and self-love is true freedom.


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