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10 Ways to Relieve Stress

We can't think of a single person in the entire universe who likes stress or is ok when experiencing stress with no point of relief. So we developed 10 ways to relieve stress while improving your emotional wellness. Emotional wellness not only reduces stress and anxiety but also promotes resiliency and the ability to make decisions that are in alignment with abundance rather than scarcity when experiencing stress.

Let's get to it!

Stretching helps to reduce stress by helping the body to relieve stress manifested as tension in the skeletal muscles. Practicing your breathing while stretching helps to improve flexibility and on a deeper level, improves the trust that exists within yourself. Stretching is an excellent preventative and rehabilitative practice to support physical health as well.

Exercising reduces stress in a major way as it is a healthy form of emotional expression. Yes, exercising is great for the body because it promotes physical health but from an emotional wellness perspective, exercising whether cardio, yoga, strength conditioning, or endurance conditioning helps the body to express energy allowing regular flow of energy through the body. When we suppress/repress emotions this can cause a blockage of energy flow. Remember, emotions are energy in motion, and our design functions at an optimal level when we allow the constant flow of energy.

Let it Go. When we hold grudges, seek revenge, are motivated by anger/fear, or obsessively worry we cause stress in the body on a constant basis. The mind can exist in the past, and present, or attempt to predict the future however, the rest of the body can only exist in the present. This means that when we retrigger emotions from past experiences, allow emotions to drive our behaviors without presence, and live in worst-case scenarios, we send the body through real-time stressful events such as elevated levels of stress and heart rate. Practice letting go regularly. Reflect intentionally, express your truth, accept yourself, the truth, entirely, and let go.

Meditation is not only calming but insightful. Meditation allows us to reduce stress by bringing clarity. This is an opportunity to witness the mind and the rest of the body and become more in tune with yourself. Sometimes we experience stress because a need has not been met whether for a day or years. Meditation allows us to build trust with ourselves thus making it easier to reveal our true needs and meeting them reduces stress. Meditation has a plethora of benefits in stress relief alone.

Journaling is another way to relieve stress. When we are able to write our thoughts, feelings, experiences, and circumstances this gives instant relief by simply expressing the excess energy but it also provides much insight into our beliefs and the behaviors that support them. When we journal we are literally keeping receipts on ourselves which allows us the again, witness ourselves and this is an opportunity to not only meet our needs but also address belief systems that are threatened. Some beliefs are self-limiting and restrictive which is stressful on our design as humans. We are created for expression, expansion, and evolution.

Partner with a therapist and/or coach to support your self-preservation alignment. When we reduce stress in our life we are preserving energy and regulating ourselves on a high level. Therapists and coaches when the connection is secure, can guide you and support you when stress levels are high and you could benefit from a second pair of ears and eye to realign you with self-preservation and your highest good. At SenterME, we recommend both because it doesn't just take a village to raise a child, it takes a village to raise adults too.

Nature walks are incredibly calming and reduce stress. Our environment can be the source of the stress we experience so changing scenery can help tremendously. Whether on the beach, in the park, at the lake, or in the patch of grass in front of the building, repositioning yourself to connect with nature has grounding properties that are unmatched in reducing stress. Bonus points if you meditate in nature. Nature reminds us to be still, to flow, and to be gentle with ourselves as life flows through us.

Clean your living space, whether a room or the entire space, it seems like work but I can assure you that when your living space is clean this supports stress relief, clarity, and reduces depressive symptoms. Studies show that when your living space is organized, comfortable, and secure, the quality of your sleep improves and this couldn't be a better investment for your tomorrow self. Quality sleep, security, and comfort promote creativity, confidence, and resiliency as well.

Trust yourself and the divine source that you are. We are never going to know for sure what the future holds and this can cause stress when there is an absence of trust in yourself. I know this all too well. When facing difficult, uncomfortable, or heavy emotions it can be hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel but trusting yourself is knowing that you are the light, you are the beginning and the end, you are the peak and the valley, you are all things and you are no thing. When we experience stress as a result of the unknown when we focus on building that trust with self, we are connecting with the unknown and that mitigates stress and reveals the richness of life by grounding us in the present.

Last but not least, practice gratitude daily. Start with the small things and as you grow in appreciation of your life the way it is, right now, you open yourself to the abundance that life has to offer. Being grateful for the breath that breathes life into you every moment is so powerful that it has the ability to turn grief, anger, fear, and sadness into healing love. Stress can cause so much damage, miscommunication, blindness, and amnesia. and restriction like no other but gratitude opens you up and restores your belief and your light. Gratitude is indeed the best attitude.

Try one or all of these ways to reduce stress and we promise you will see a change in your life for the better. SenterME was named to help you gain a strong sense of yourself while centering yourself. It is our mission to create a clear path to emotional wellness and stress relief for women professionals everywhere. Subscribe to our weekly newsletter to stay up to date on our upcoming events and offerings.

Remember, wellness is your birthright and self-love is true freedom.



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