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Partner With SenterME

We offer corporate retreats, workshops, classes, healing circles, and public speaking opportunities!

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Corporate/Group Retreat

Annual retreat coming up? Come inside the SenterME House! We plan the SenterME House Retreat to help corporations/organizations encourage emotionally well, resilient, high-performing, and balanced members & leaders. This experience comes with stress relief and coaching that contributes to the replenishment of the whole self and transforms from within.

Healing Circles

SenterME House Healing Circles provide an intimate experience that invites wellness, fellowship, and a deep sense of connectedness with self. During our Healing Circles we provide signature group coaching, guided meditation, group activities, and a journaling session. Whether self-preservation or emotional wellness, this purpose of this experience to feel while learning.


A SMH Healing Circle is 2 hours and includes light refreshments. Partner with the SenterME to help your organization create a clear and easily accessible path to emotional wellness & stress relief!-

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Our Curricula

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Keep It R.E.A.L.

This curriculum helps to boost emotional wellness by taking you on a fun & engaging journey learning the SenterME method of processing our emotions! Not only does emotional wellness promote resiliency and security but self-awareness and a natural drive for success as well!

Intro to Self-Love

Our Intro to Self-Love curriculum, explores the fundamentals of SenterME's three pillars of self-love: self-love environment, self-love language, and self-love vision. This curriculum positions you to establish a strong foundation for overall life success. 

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Talk That T.A.L.K.

Abundance is on the tip of your tongue! The Talk That T.A.L.K. curriculum fosters growth as a communicator, builds confidence, and shifts your mindset! This curriculum explores the power of self-advocacy, breaking self-limiting beliefs, and learning To Articulate with Love & Knowing!

The D.R.E.A.M.

The Dare to Rule Everything Around Me dives deeper into the D.R.E.A.M. Life through your environment! This curriculum helps you to upgrade your self-love environment with balance, confidence, & boundaries! You will explore what it takes to thrive in your relationships, career, living space, hobbies, and routine. 

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It's the Boundaries for Me

We are going to have an amazing time together building the foundation of our self-love environment with boundaries! Boundaries help build confidence, communication skills, emotional wellness, and stress management. They also contribute to mental health, physical health, and overall life success! Our Boundaries Curriculum guides you through a proven step-by-step method of setting, enforcing, and maintaining your boundaries!


Let's explore stress to better understand how to access relief. In this curriculum, you will learn how stress impacts the body emotionally, mentally, and physically and what it takes to strengthen your stress management skills to experience benefits such as optimal rest, healthy relationships, work-life balance, and wellness.

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Collaborations & Partners

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