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SenterME Sunday

Greetings Sis,

Go ahead and select a song that speaks to your spirit and let's get into this beautiful SenterME Sunday, shall we? 

Below you'll find a preview of our new blog post, a self-care tip to seamlessly add into your routine this week for rebalancing and reenergizing, and what's coming. 

Song ready? Get into this new SenterME Sunday experience...

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New Blog Post

True Work-Life Balance Pt II

There are so many ways we can access this phenomenon and experience the freedom we all deserve. In our previous TWLB post, Pt I, we shared two powerful ways to access true work-life balance and in this post, we will double down on why it can be so difficult, sharing a few real-life reasons why some of us exist in imbalance with work as the majority. 

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Explore the Self-Love Bar

Win a chance to get a Self-Love Bar Item FREE when you purchase tickets to upcoming events! 

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We Can't Wait to Share Space With You!

Keep It R.E.A.L. Journaling Session
Keep It R.E.A.L. Journaling Session
Plusieurs dates
03 nov. 2023, 19:00
Virtual Session

Don't miss out on the opportunity to learn how to use reflection as a tool to enhance your daily life, create smoother transitions, and gain more clarity to live emotionally well and stress-free! 

Get your ticket to our Keep It R.E.A.L. Journaling Jam Session this Friday at 7p for signature group coaching and journaling with the girls! 

See you Friday, Sis! 

SenterME Collaborative Insight Sessions
SenterME Collaborative Insight Sessions
Plusieurs dates
08 nov. 2023, 19:00
Virtual Session

Meet us on Nov 8th @7P for our virtual SenterME Collaborative Insight Session! Attendees will leave with a FREE copy of our Letting Go With Ease guide to limitless expansion!

We invite you to voice your desires, dreams, and aspirations in wellness. Together, we are creating a resource that caters to your exact needs, a beacon of support tailored just for you.

SenterME is on its way to making emotional wellness and stress relief exciting, fun, exhilarating, and the new normal!

Register so that your voice is heard and help us pave the way for women to experience the fruits of their labor on the right side of wellness and self-preservation!

I hope you enjoyed being transported into a SenterME Sunday experience curated to create a clear path to emotional wellness and stress relief just for you. 

This week, keep in mind that everything comes from the source and the source is you. Take time to check-in with yourself daily and have a wonderful week on purpose! 

I love you.

With Presence, 


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