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A clear path for women professionals to access optimal emotional wellness & stress relief.

An innovative wellness solution for busy women professionals, merging emotional wellness and stress management with exhilarating perks such as exclusive spa sessions, immersive workshops, and more!

Join Our Community

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Your journey towards emotional wellness is made convenient, reliable, and enjoyable with our support. SenterME empowers you to achieve success on your terms!

The journey our members take toward emotional wellness is made convenient, reliable, and enjoyable with our support.

Take Up Space

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Intentional monthly curated experience with a reward system that champions local wellness spaces, allowing you to take up space and cultivate a healthy heart & mind lifestyle! 

Get Rewarded

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Earn Santi Rewards just for showing up for yourself! Through our platform you earn rewards such as guest passes, Self-Love Bar items & D.R.E.A.M. Life prizes

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More time & space for you.

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From daily SenterME exclusive content to a monthly self-love routine, you become the master of your time exploring yourself and local gems in wellness.

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True Work-Life Harmony.

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Cultivate the art of self-prioritization for a more fulfilling daily life and discover time-saving techniques for maintaining balance in a hectic schedule.

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