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Immersive Self-Love Support

SenterME is an emotional wellness resource dedicated to empowering women professionals with innovative wellness solutions. We create a clear path to emotional wellness and stress relief that includes a rewards ecosystem that champions local small historically underutilized businesses, fostering a symbiotic relationship between personal well-being and community empowerment.

What we know is the lack of emotional wellness costs us work-life balance, personal and professional growth, maximum earning potential, and security.

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By nurturing self-compassion and authenticity, we enhance mental and physical health, promote financial abundance, and cultivate true work-life balance. SenterME is the catalyst for transformative growth and holistic well-being, supporting women professionals in every aspect of their lives.


Our platform offers exclusive access to events, workshops, premium discounts & offers for local self-care, premium content, and various wellness resources that make it convenient for women with demanding lifestyles to hold space for themselves to maintain balance grounded in wellness. 


SenterME helps women take their power back and experience a life free of burnout cycles, navigate stress with unshakeable ease, and live the life they truly desire. 

Our Mission

SenterME empowers women professionals to prioritize emotional wellness and stress relief, elevating their success and daily fulfillment to new heights.

Our Vision

SenterME pioneers a transformative wellness approach, unlocking pathways to professional advancement and entrepreneurial success for women everywhere, every day.

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Dedicated Leadership

Charlotte C. Louis is the CEO & Founder of SenterME. Her impressive background as a former financial advisor, corporate trainer, and entrepreneur has equipped her with a diverse skill set rooted in relationship building. With a solid 20-year work ethic, she has honed her agility, problem-solving abilities, and people-oriented approach. Her intimate understanding of the women we serve, shaped by personal struggles with emotional wellness and stress management, enables her to provide empathetic and relatable leadership.

Charlotte’s commitment to fostering a culture grounded in DEI principles, trust, and humility demonstrates her dedication to shaping SenterME’s organizational values. Her experience in facilitating emotional wellness workshops at colleges and universities, along with delivering keynotes on the topic, has established her as a reputable speaker and coach, enhancing her public relations skills.

Driven by a profound sense of purpose and alignment with SenterME’s mission, Charlotte has devoted herself to the company’s development, growth, and success. Her emphasis on lifelong learning, data-driven decision-making, creativity, and innovation highlights her adaptability and forward-thinking mindset. With her resourcefulness, dedication, and strategic acumen, SenterME is indeed in capable hands, well-prepared for efficiency and triumph in the competitive wellness tech industry.

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Historically Underutilized Business NC Certified
Bank of America Institute at Cornell's Women's Entrepreneurship Certified
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