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Santi Rewards

At SenterME, we celebrate our members with Santi Rewards for simply taking up space! Santi help us improve our emotional intelligence and self-awareness!

SenterME Santi Rewards!

New SenterME Santi added regularly! Redeemable at any time!

Attend An Event

By simply taking up space you can earn

  • 30 pts for every Keep It R.E.A.L. weekly session

  • 30 pts for every monthly virtual class

  • 45 pts for every in-person workshop!

1:1 Coaching

As a member, you receive monthly 30-minute How Are You Feelin' Sis? Coaching and every session you book earn you 35 pts!

Self-Love Bar

Need to stock up on your favorite SenterME Self-Love Bar items? You can earn a point for every $1 spent on your purchase!


Earning a Santi is a game-changer in your self-love practice! Each Santi comes with rewards from FREE SenterME House Pop-Up Guest Passes to an additional hour of 1:1 coaching!

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Fear in the Heart: 2000 pts

FREE SenterME House Pop-Up Guest Pass



Fear has several different impacts on the human heart. One of them being a faster heartbeat. The heart has two phases, systole, and diastole. Systole is when the heart contracts and pumps blood out whereas diastole is when it relaxes and refills with blood. 

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Express: 1000 pts

FREE $100 Self-Love Bar Gift Card



When we express ourselves authentically we unleash our creativity, our truth, & our inner experience entirely by giving it a voice! To express yourself is an act of bravery and shows evidence of security of self. It also builds confidence, trust with self, AND...

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Silent Mind: 500 pts

FREE 1-Hour 1:1 Coaching & Goal Setting



'Benefit comes from what is there, but usefulness comes from what is not there...' -Lao Tsu. Silence has an incredible impact on the body but Okanipalolo teaches us the usefulness of silence on the mind. Thoughts may be beneficial in figuring out problems...

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