Charlotte Louis, owner of SenterME
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Dedicated Leadership

Charlotte C. Louis is the owner and founder of SenterME. She is a self-love coach and certified meditation practitioner who offers over 16 years of relationship-building and corporate training experience. A motivated, people-oriented professional, offering over 16 years of comprehensive experience in relationship building including corporate training experience. Charlotte is a skilled leader and communicator.


After struggling with depression and anxiety for years, she found herself with low self-esteem, struggling with toxic cycles, and emotionally unwell. A life-changing injury pushed Charlotte to embark on a journey of self-love. From this journey, she transformed her life by building a self-love environment, learning to speak a self-love language, and connecting with her self-love vision.


With SenterME, Charlotte is on a mission to transform the lives of Black women by normalizing self-love education making it easily accessible and relatable.

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SenterME- Our Story

SenterME is the most transformative self-love coaching and education resource for Black women seeking to build their self-esteem, improve their emotional wellness, and break toxic cycles. We offer signature coaching services, online courses, workshops, and a premium self-love rehabilitation program, our SenterME House. Our goal is simple, transform lives by providing the utmost value. Helping you to unlock your potential and create a self-love environment, speak a self-love language, and connect with your self-love vision is our top priority. 


As Black women, we are the most underserved and underrepresented group in the U.S., and SenterME is dedicated to showing up and providing a space that helps Black women learn how to prioritize themselves in wellness, relationships, at work, and home. No longer will we cope with toxic cycles, low self-esteem, and emotional insecurities. At SenterME we believe that self-love addresses these issues by encouraging a deep connection with your authentic self, healthy and supportive relationships, and the guilt-free prioritization of self! 

'Self-love is the force behind how we show up for ourselves, those we love, our careers, and the world. It is the consistency when everything is turbulent. It is the security when everything seems unsure. It is how we find ourselves evolving when it seems like everything is falling apart.' -Charlotte C. Louis


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