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Dedicated Leadership

Charlotte C. Louis is the owner and founder of all things SenterME. After struggling with depression and anxiety for years, she decided that enough was enough and embarked on a journey of personal development that changed her life forever. Now as a Personal Development Coach for ambitious Black women, she dedicates her time and efforts in coaching others on how to transform into their highest selves. 

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SenterME- Our Story

SenterME was born from triumph. Owner & Founder, Charlotte C. Louis was struggling to find inner peace and escape survivor mode when a devastating injury turned into a blessing in disguise. From that experience, Charlotte discovered that self-awareness was the key to unlocking her potential. She came to realize exactly where she was and where she wanted to be.


SenterME is the most trusted personal development resource for ambitious Black women because of the values that we stand on to lead with love, authenticity, and fierce commitment. Helping you to unlock your potential and create a self-love environment, speak a self-love language, and connect with your self-love vision is our top priority. We are committed to delivering coaching and resources that are not only easily accessible but relateable.


As Black women, we are the most underserved group in the U.S., and SenterME is dedicated to changing that by showing up and expanding to reach Black women who are ready to transform wanting more into being more. No longer should we be a slave to survivor mode, toxic cycles, and the scarcity mindset. At SenterME we believe that personal development is the solution and encourages a deep connection with your authentic self, healthy and supportive relationships, and abundance! 

'Arrogance is cheap and unstable. Confidence takes time, effort, and intention, all of which are priceless. But when you commit to the transformation, you will find consistent expansion, inner peace, and you will experience life like you have never experienced it before.' -Charlotte C. Louis 


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