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Self-Love is YOU.

Actualizado: 12 ago 2023

I know you're probably wondering, 'How is self-love me? or a person for that matter?' So let me give you a little context/background of the space SenterME approaches self-love. There exist dualities for almost everything in this world and we are made to

believe that we must choose one or the other to align with a belief that is in some way 'right' or 'wrong.' But our truth of the matter is that at some point in some moment on your journey, you will experience both sides of the coin whether voluntarily or involuntarily. So what do you do when you're angry but want to be happy? Or when you are depressed and want to be joyful? Or when you are so busy that what you want more than anything is to be at peace?

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You embrace yourself and all that you are at that point in that moment on your journey. What does this look like? Take time to observe yourself from your thoughts to your actions. Explore the intention, motivation, and source of it all. This could look like meditation, journaling, or conversations in safe spaces such as with a coach and/or therapist. Resist the urge the judge what is revealed to you or what may not be there at all. Release attachments to what you believe is 'right' or 'wrong' and accept all that you are. This is what it looks like to give yourself permission to take up space and own the responsibility for yourself (the way you respond to yourself).

What does this sound like? Sometimes we underestimate the value of speaking to ourselves with forgiveness such as saying 'I apologize for not giving myself enough rest. or 'I apologize for taking responsibility for the actions of others.' There can be so much healing in the way we speak to ourselves. Embracing yourself could also sound like taking the time to celebrate yourself for every win from maintaining balance to noticing that there is an imbalance. All of you is worth the celebration with words of affirmation like 'I am so proud of myself for trying' or 'I love myself in this moment of anger.' Do you ever notice how quick we are to file a complaint than to leave a positive review? This is a reflection of how we speak to ourselves. Use your words to give love more space to express, expand, and evolve.

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What does this feel like? Love is greater than an emotion as emotions are temporary. You don't love yourself today and feel otherwise tomorrow. The degree to which we love ourselves can fluctuate but love is consistent and we strengthen it by allowing it to permeate every part of ourselves. So self-exploration when we are feeling down and in a slump is just as essential if not more as when we are high on life. Embracing yourself in every way allows the love you are to grow in creativity and mature in its unconditional nature. Feeling love in a place where there used to be guilt or shame is a form of self-compassion. Feeling love in a place where there was only anger is patience like you've never known.

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You are love. You are infinite. You are the master of self. You are the servant of self. You are the beginning. You are the end. You are all things. You are no thing. You are the ripple. You are the ocean. You are love.

Self-love is YOU. Welcome to the SenterME Blog, we are grateful for your presence and excited for your journey. We position women to cultivate authenticity, self-compassion, and transformative growth, enhancing the quality of their lives. Learn more about how to become a member of our tribe. Comment below with any thoughts or feelings about our first post or questions. Like and share to help us give love more space to expand.

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